Nix jewellery is made using tiny Japanese Miyuki beads which are made from glass. The beads have various finishes to them, ranging from metallics, shiny, opaque and silver lined to name but a few. All of these finishes are used in combination to make Nix bracelets, or by using all high shine metallics for a full on shimmer.

Each piece is handmade by weaving together each bead individually with an extremely strong nylon thread, which although strong is also very flexible, making the finished bracelets and cuffs soft and comfortable to wear, like a beaded fabric. The cuffs can take up to two days to make, as there are over 2,000 beads in each one.

Faux suede and sterling silver bead closures are used to finish the pieces. These are simple to use and will fit most wrist sizes as you just slip on the cuff or bracelet and pull the bead to your desired size. 

I first started making beaded cuffs and bracelets in 2012 after discovering these tiny little Miyuki beads. After teaching myself how to bead weave l then started to experiment with colours and designs and soon found that l worked best if l had no plan at all! - and just let the designs come organically. So that's what I do... start beading, and see what appears. I like abstract shapes and unusual colour combinations, and l prefer to hand weave rather than use a loom.

l think this freestyle approach produces a certain randomness to the patterns, which l like; and although the patterns can be similar, they are never quite the same.

I'm currently represented in the Tate St Ives shop.